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  Bid Solicitation Directory

Bid Solicitation Directory

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The Bid Solicitation Directory is the State's central repository across all three branches of state government that have an open Request for Information (RFI), Request for Quote (RFQ), Invitation to Bid (ITB), and/or a Request for Proposal (RFP). The goal of this directory is to provide a centralized location to find state RFIs, ITBs and RFPs without requiring knowledge of the specific structure of state government.

Please take a moment to register for any area of business you may wish to receive notification on here: Please see the Step by Step Guide on how to register.

For more information about working with the State on bids, please see the Doing Business with the State Topic Page.


  • Information provided on this website is intended solely to provide general information on matters of interest to the reader of this page, who accepts full responsibility for its use.
  • Due diligence has been followed to ensure the links in this service are accurate and complete; however, this service may omit some forms and/or contain outdated links.
  • The bids and proposals listed may fall under the terms of 29 Del. C. § 6926, Multiple Source Contracting.
  • Any amendments made to the initial postings on this page will appear as a separate item under the initial posting's detail page. It is the viewer’s responsibility to download and read any applicable updates and amendments.
  • Neither the State of Delaware nor any State entities that supply information through this service, nor any of their employees make any warranty or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the timely delivery of information updates through this service.
Please contact us if you discover any outdated links or have suggestions regarding this service.

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9/16/2014 OMB 7215 Delaware Youth & Family Center - Maintenance Building Roof Replacement 10/13/2014
9/15/2014 NAT 7210 Wildlife Area Trapping Permits 11/7/2014
9/15/2014 OMB 7212 Bissell Hospital - Nurse Call/Wander Guard System Replacement 10/14/2014
9/15/2014 OMB 7212 Holloway Campus - Kent/Sussex Building - Loading Dock Repairs 10/10/2014
9/15/2014 OMB 7215 Adams State Service Center - Roof Replacement 10/30/2014
9/15/2014 OMB 7215 DEMA/TMC Building - BAS Replacement 10/9/2014
9/15/2014 OMB 7215 New Castle Courthouse Museum - Roof Replacement (Re-Bid) 10/17/2014
9/15/2014 OMB 7215 Sussex Correctional Institution - Domestic Hot Water Heater Replacement 10/30/2014
9/11/2014 DOT 7214 BR 2-213A On Hollering Hill Road Over Cow Marsh Creek - Emergency Replacement 9/30/2014
9/10/2014 LAB 8311 Interactive Voice Response Host 11/19/2014
9/9/2014 HSS 8510 ADAP Prescription Fulfillment Benefit & Info Management 11/18/2014
9/8/2014 OMB 7215 Shipley State Service Center - Roof Restoration and Repair 10/1/2014
9/8/2014 OMB 7215 New Castle County Courthouse - Roof Repairs 10/1/2014
9/8/2014 DOT 7214 Pavement & Rehabilitation, Kent I, (Camden-Wyoming) 2013 10/7/2014
9/8/2014 JUD 4323 Conversion of the Automated Sentence Order Program 10/6/2014
9/4/2014 STA 8110 Consulting To The Secretary Of State For Electricity Aggregation 9/26/2014
9/3/2014 OMB 8110 Delaware State Police Indoor Firing Range Roof - Architectural Services 9/26/2014
9/3/2014 NAT 7215 Heating Fuel UST Closure Program Removal, Closure in Place & Overexcavation Svcs 10/17/2014
9/2/2014 RCCD 2517 Retread Tires 9/23/2014
9/2/2014 HSS 8510 Nurse Family Partnership 10/14/2014
9/2/2014 RCCD 8512 Bilingual Speech/Language Therapy Services 9/24/2014
9/1/2014 DNG 7212 AASF Landing Pads Replacement 9/25/2014
8/29/2014 GSS 8111 Employment Verification Services 10/7/2014
8/28/2014 GSS 7210 Snow and Ice Removal 10/2/2014
8/25/2014 DNG 8110 Dagsboro Vehicle Maintenance Shop 9/18/2014
8/25/2014 DNG 4617 Security Camera 9/24/2014
8/22/2014 HSS 8111 WIC Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Implementation & Support Services Project 10/22/2014
8/20/2014 HSS 8511 HIV/AIDS Prevention Services 10/22/2014
8/18/2014 DOT 7017 Water Quality Improvement Plan Development 9/17/2014
8/18/2014 DOT 4323 Virtual Weigh Stations 9/24/2014
8/18/2014 DNG 7212 AASF Electrical Upgrades 9/17/2014
8/13/2014 HSS 8010 New Ideas for Stabilizing Child Care Services in Purchase of Care 9/19/2014
8/8/2014 DNG 8311 DEARNG Project #05-2014 RRTS Tele Communications 9/18/2014
8/8/2014 DNG 7215 Wilmington Readiness Center Entrance Enhancements 9/19/2014
7/16/2014 HSS 8510 Comprehensive Behavioral Health Outpatient Treatment Services 9/17/2014

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